All the new things!!

There has been a lot released since we last posted, so we have a lot to cover. This article will be part 1 of a little series over the next week or so. The things covered will not be in chronological order. A quick bit on the success of the Kickstarter campaign. As the time of this post the Kickstarter was at $1,031,847 with 8,456 backers! This is great and it shows that there are a lot of people that really want this game to be made! This is exciting for Elyrians everywhere. Now, into the thick of it.

We were recently given a development journal on kingdom management. This is a HUGE topic after the Kickstarter. Why now? Because we have people that will actually be kings/queens!! This is amazing to see. The dev journal goes into ways of gaining land and a little on how settlements are set up and classified. Lets start with land acquisition.

Buying it – This is probably going to be one of the most common ways to get land. Its also pretty straight forward. You go to the local count, or the person that owns the land, and you pay whatever the asking price is. Bam! Bought some land. I’ll go over the Land Management Table separately.

Marriage – Another straight forward way to get land. Marry someone that already has land! The marriage contract could be changed to say that land isn’t shared or only certain parts are, but for the most part marry someone with land and you get it too.

Inheritance – Not very complicated here either. Someone that owned land died. They liked you enough to give it to you in their will. Now you own the land. Pretty basic. If you join an NPC family they wont automatically will you the land though. If you leave them all alone and never help out, they will give the land back to the count. So, be nice to your parents and help them out or you may be left out of mom and dads will.

Adverse Possession – This is more complex. Its basically stealing land that is currently not occupied or being used. If land is abandoned for 28 real life days the Land Management System will post that the land is considered abandoned. This opens it for adverse possession. If you want to take the land you post your version of the land purchase contract. You could write down that you are paying 0 gold with a tax of 0 gold forever, and that starts the process. You then have to go to that parcel of land and build a house, then protect that house from being destroyed for 28 real life days. After that 28 day period the contract you placed in the Land Management Table becomes legal and the land is yours. However, the count is notified that the land is in the process of being adversely possessed. They can review the contract and act accordingly. If you propose a contract they think is unfair to them they may send in troops to demolish your buildings and kill you so you cant take the land. They may just send someone with a new contract that they think is fair and tell you to sign it or else. BUT if you propose something the count thinks is fair they may help defend you from the previous land owners.


Those are the ways covered in the developers journal on how you can get land. Using land has a few options too.

Residential and/or commercial – Pretty basic here. This is your housing, shops, bars, inns, workshop, and things of that nature. I imagine in cities you’ll have a lot of buildings that are shops on the main floor and a house on the upper floor(s).


A forge and blacksmith shop attached to a house in a city.

Agriculture – Farms farms farms! This is where players will grow food for us, its very important. Probably wont see many parcels being used for this stuff in cities. Right outside the city walls though. Fields of golden wheat and cabbages as far as the eye can see!


Fields of wheat outside a village.


Industrial – These are for our non-renewable resources. Mostly mining I would assume. We’ll probably see these set up in the sides of mountains. I wonder if there will be any waste produced by these buildings that require us players to dispose of properly or risk health hazards?


I will go into the Aristocracy and town stuff in the next piece which should come out by the end of the weekend. Thank you for stopping by, and hope you enjoy.


Our first walk through the woods

We recently got a look at the first look at the Elyrian world in motion. It was an amazing look around some of the forests and outside a small village. This post will go through the video piece by piece. There really isn’t that much information here, but there are a lot of images we can get from within the video. Lets jump right in.

The opening scene pans down near some ruins atop a hill overlooking Silver Run. You can just see the village off in the distance. There appears to be some farm land in between the village and these ruins. As we move to the forest image we see a few different tree types, but the ground doesn’t have that much coverage. A few rocks and bushes, but mostly grass. Maybe this is not a very dense part of the forest?

Our noble champion wearing leather armor walks over the rolling, grass covered hill as he approaches Silver Run. Its pretty apparent that Silver Run is a reasonably peaceful town. There are no walls, no gates, and only one single watch tower; albeit, quite a nice watch tower.

As our leather clad champion ventures into Silver Run we are introduced a forge near a town square. This is where we really start to see a lot of elements in the world. There’s a forge, a grinding wheel, armor mannequins, a cart, an anvil, metal(iron?) ingots, a mallet, a tub for water and what appears to be an outside vendors table. It also appears to have rained recently from the puddles on the ground. As the scene changes we are given a glimpse of day becoming night and the warm glow from the forge.

We now see our champion using that hammer and anvil. He looks to be very new to this trade though. What could he be making? A dagger, a sword or maybe an addition to his armor? There’s also quite the variety of tools hanging on the forge. Plus, the huge bellows on the side to make sure there is plenty of heat for the metal.

Inside the house standing by the warmth of the fireplace. A mysterious painting hangs on the wall. Was Leonardo Da Vinci a dimensional traveler? There are also several jugs made of what appears to be clay, probably for storing water or wine. The benches look very simple, but sturdy. What could that barrel hold? Water? Wine? Possibly some apples? The indoor plants really make the space more inviting though. And who knows what those big crates have lying within their walls? The mantle seems pretty basic, but i is good enough to hold some bowls and a nice cup. A huge rug rests on the floor in front of the big door to the outside world. The candle holders on the walls do a great job making sure we can all see whats in this wonderful house.

This next room is terrifying. This ritualistic altar looks like it can be used for nothing except evil. The chains at the top are clearly meant to be used by those with ill intent. Nothing good can come from this room.

Our champion now finds himself in an alley during dusk or dawn. The lantern lights are brightly lit waiting to light the path or surrender to the suns bright rays. This alley looks like its a small market place or somewhere that the nearby shopkeepers use to store goods.

As we go to the further out parts of the village we start to explore the farm land. Our first look shows us some cabbages, and maybe some carrots. We also see a small river or creek that runs through the village. The banks look pretty shallow, so it probably doesn’t flood over. Now this is a golden field! These crops look like some kind of corn or maybe something new we’ve never seen.

Our champions has now dawned a hooded cloak for a stroll through the beer gardens. This looks like a great place to just relax and have a nice rest. The picnic tables and large kegs filled with something to calm the weary traveler.

The cloaked adventurer walks through a shadowed alleyway next. We have some more barrels next to a young tree or large bush. The ivy looks amazing and could add some great decorative features to the buildings of the area.

We have shed the cloak and are back in our leather armor as we run through a lightly forested area. The undergrowth is a little more aggressive here than near the ruins. There are a lot more ferns and bushes under the canopy of these large trees. The forest opens up to a nice flower filled field outside Silver Run. The watch tower can be seen as well as some of the other buildings off in the distance.

Back at the ruins, but this time along a path in the forest. The trees are a little more dense here and the ground seems to have a bit more of a rocky feel. What could these ruins have been? An old monastery? Possibly a fortress? Maybe they are simply ruins of the old mining operations?

The sword is drawn, we are on the attack. These flowers don’t stand a chance!! The open field is a great place to practice our sword play. Its away from others so we can’t hurt them on accident. Flowers were just to easy though, so I moved on to much deadly game. Big trees. These dangerous menacing things can do a lot of damage when they use their fall attack on the innocent! The forest floor is a bit different in this part of the woods. The ground is covered with ferns and mostly brown coverage. Dead leaves from the last autumn perhaps?

We end with a nice look down a nice hill looking into some woods near Silver Run. The large boulders would pose great risk to us if we decided to do a manly roll down this monster though.

This was the long winded walkthrough of the first look video for Chronicles of Elyria, an MMORPG being developed by Soulbound studios. If you’re here I assume you came from the community, but if you haven’t. Welcome! Head over to the Chronicles of Elyria Registration Page and sign up and use friend code E9B1C9 and help me out! You should also head over to DM21 Gaming’s YouTube channel and check out all the great content they have made. Thank you for stopping by, and hope you enjoy.

A look back. And a look forward.

Greetings Elyrian readers! Today we will be taking a look back at the design journals that have been released so far. We will do a little bit of speculation and shine a little light on things we know so far. Then we will do a quick look at whats coming up and what we can look forward to. Im going to ‘skim’ over the design journals that are released so far. I may do in-depth articles on each, but I am not sure as there is a lot of info over at the Elyria Echo and at DM21_Gaming. We will have a live stream on Saturday, October 24th at 11A.M. Eastern time on the DM21_Gaming channel. With that being said, here we go.

Souls: Souls are your characters. Many people like to put their stock in the fleshy toon they see on the screen. In Chronicles of Elyria, this is not the case. Your fleshy character will grow old, and die. Forever. Your soul lives on though. Your soul holds memories of its past lives. This, in game, means after you die and your soul is reincarnated into a new body skills you learned in past lives will be learned faster. This is a skill ramp. These are a way of carrying over your hard work in past lives.

Destiny, Achievements, and Soul Mates: Your destiny seems to be determined by your birthday. This will be a way of the game determining the contracts(quests) you get throughout the game. Your destiny is not set in stone though. If you decide to go against your destiny you can, but it may have consequences. Achievements are simply things you have done in the game. Some of these things will give achievements that can be earned by everyone, some are only earned one at a time per server, and some will only be rewarded once, ever, per server. Soul mates are your souls twin. Souls are created in pairs. Soulmates have special consequences when you are near. You will always know when your soulmate is near, although we don’t know the exact mechanic. We do know that as they get closer you start to get bonuses to your skills, I believe any skills you share with your soulmate will get a boon. If you can come in contact with your soulmate you can become in tune with each other, and your gain each others skills.

Time, Aging and OPC’s: Time passes in Elyria. As time passes the world changes and ages. Unlike most games out there, time is a real thing in this world. Bodies will age. Animals will age. Buildings age. The world ages. This will lead to your body getting old. As it gets old, it will be more like a real old person. You may be the best swordsman and adventurer in your 30s, but in your 70s you probably wont be. To make sure everyone ages at the same rate, a body exists all the time in the world. You log off at night, but your in-game body still exists in the world of Elyria. This is where the Offline Player Character(OPC) comes into play. They are controlled by scripts while you are offline. These scripts can be customized and player created. Don’t worry though, the game will come with some standard ones that should get you by without a problem.

Types of Death: There are different level of Elyria. First, is incapacitation . This happens when your health reaches zero. We currently don’t know how health works. It could be hit points, a health bar or broken up by locations and parts of the body. Incapacitation does not reduce your spirit. It will most likely cost you the gold you have in your pursue and possible a weapon if you had one in your hands. The next step in death happens when a character decides to deliver a death blow. This separates your soul from its body. You get sent to the astral plane and must find your way back to your body. Every time your soul is split from your body its bond weakens and you lose spirit. When you lose all your spirit you will take the final sleep and be gone forever.

Families: Family is an important part of Elyria. When you fist start, assuming you make a traditional character, your family will determine some of the skills and attributes you start out with. This is because you are taking over a body that already exists in the world. That body as been raised in a household with parents that have jobs and skills and they pass those on to their children. Where your family has ancestral roots will impact your bodies attributes as well. If your bloodline is from the desert you will be adapted for that better than those who have had generations live in the woods. Even if your family doesn’t currently live in that environment, its in your genes.

Character Customization: There are a lot of options when creating a body. Some types of bodies have more flexibility though. A ward has almost complete control over their body.image. They can choose every aspect of how they look. They lose the support of a family, but they gain customization. A traditional body, spawning inside a family at 15 years old, will still have some customization. They will be confined by the genetics of their parents though. So if your parents both have blue eyes, you will probably have blue eyes and only a few options for eye color. Both parents are short, stout people and you will probably be short and stout. Not to say you lose all options, but genetics do play a part. Non-traditional characters have no real customization. This is taking over a current adult in the game. This means they are already in the world doing things, having a life and making a living.

Contracts: Contracts are pretty simple. These are what most games call quests. Blacksmith needs 100 iron ore? He puts out a contract to pay a certain amount of gold per iron ore. That contract is then picked up by a character, completed, and they get paid. The great thing here! Players can make their own contracts. This means PLAYERS can make quests. There are consequences for not fulfilling your half of a contract as well. These are written into the contract. So it could be anything from an unhappy merchant to a bounty on your head. Contracts can be between almost any entities as well. If a blacksmith guild wants to put out a general contract for iron ore, then anyone could take iron to that guild to get that contract. A kingdom wants a guild to do something? Contract it. This adds a lot of flexibility to the system, which will be great.

Roles and Skill Advancement: There are several roles that characters can take. These are producer, supplier, explorer, and champion. Producers are the crafters of the world, producing things the world needs. Suppliers are the gatherers of the world, supplying materials to producers. Explorers are survivalist that can spend vast amounts of time away from the safety of a town. Champions are fighters. These roles all have skills they use to help them fill those roles. Skills in Elyria are not like many MMO’s out there. You raise skills ‘level’ by using that skill. The big difference is how they are raised. You wont slave away over a forge and anvil crafting 100 daggers so that you can get high enough skill to make swords. Skills advance also depends on the difficulty of what you are trying to do. Try to some nails as a master blacksmith and you wont be gaining much skill. The engine does something as well to regulate skill advancement. This is to make it so not every single person can become the top in a certain skill. Not everyone can have perfect swordsmanship. Not to say you can’t get to max skill, even if there are several others, it just means it may be harder to get there.

Those are the main things we know so far. Or, I should say those are the things that we know so far that I feel could be skimmed over. I will do another article about crafting, as it is usually something a lot of people want to know about. Next Mondays design journal will be on inventory and equipment. This is very exciting. We know a little about it already. We know that it is not like most games where you can carry 10 suits of armor and 8 different weapons. It is far more realistic. Containers have slots that can only carry a certain amount of stuff. I would speculate that different containers also have weight restrictions. Don’t think you’ll be putting iron ore in your fanny pack. That is all for this time. Thanks for stopping by, and hope you enjoyed.

Also, if you go to Chronicles of Elyria Registration and register for the community use code E9B1C9 to help me out. Even if you don’t want to use my code, please go register if you aren’t already. And if you see any typo’s I apologize. I have been fighting a fever and illness all day.

A Great Talk

Last night there was a live discussion during a streaming session on BicycleWalrus’ YouTube channel. We were supposed to discuss the first three Developers Journals. We did do this, but we also talked about so much more. The host is very excited for Chronicles of Elyria, as most of the community is as well. I was joined by Daichi during the live chat session. Zultra was supposed to be on, but his college campus blocks TeamSpeak3.

The discussion started out with some basic features of the game that I had learned through my time in the community. When we got into the first dev journal the discussion quickly followed a bunny here then another bunny there. We talked about what a soul was in the most basic of terms. We also talked about the differences between a soul and a spark of life. For those that don’t know, a soul is essentially your real character. A spark of life is what allows you to put your soul into a body.

We went right from that into the soul selections. This is where we got a little off track from the dev journal. We talked a lot about starting souls ‘ages.’ That is, people starting the game fresh and getting a soul that has already had past lives. This means those souls will start with some skill ramps already in place. Most souls that people get won’t be aged, and it was posed that this may be ‘unfair’ for some players. This is true. The thing is. Life isn’t fair. Not only that, the bonus is not so significant that it will make a character over powered in the beginning of the game. There was discussion on whether or not having an aged soul would become a socially acceptable way to ‘looking for group’ and restricting it to only those with aged souls. Seeing as no on else, aside from the extraordinarily rare instance of a talent, can see your souls age, this won’t be an issue.

The destiny system was talked about at length too. It seems contradictory, but a destiny is both chosen FOR you and chosen BY you. The game will ‘set’ a destiny for you based on the birthday you choose at character creation, or when the child was born in-game that you take over. Now, this does not mean you are locked into this destiny. You, as a player, have a choice to follow it or not. If you decide to go against your destiny it will mean consequences for you, and possibly for the world. Consequences are not always negative, which is something to remember.

The achievement system is pretty self explanatory, so we did not cover it at length. Basically, there are achievements everyone can get for doing things, ones that only one person can get at a time, like being king or tournament champion, and ones that only one person or group can get per server usually for defeating a named boss that only exists once.

We moved to soulmates. This conversation took some weird twists and turns. Soulmates have several mechanics in the world of Elyria. When your soulmate is near you will ‘know’ they are near. The closer you are a few more things happen. Your skills will start to become in tune with your soulmate, giving you bonuses based on their skill set. If you actually get to touch your soulmate, something amazing happens. You can gain the skills of your soulmate. This means two soulmates that do manage to find each other, which will be exceedingly difficult, will become much more powerful than they were by themselves.

During this conversation we got side tracked by vampires. Vampires, which do exist in Elyria, are very dangerous and very powerful. Vampires feed on the spirit of Mann. This reduces the lifespan of those that are fed upon. Those most powerful vampires can actually drain the soul from another person. This will turn that character into a vampire, but it also means they lose their soul to the vampire. This brought up the question of what happens if a vampire ‘eats’ a soul of a person, then runs into that victims soulmate? We didn’t get a direct answer from Caspian, but he did his usual teasing thing. It made us think that a vampire may be able to sense when they are near a soulmate of one of his victims. This could be an amazing piece of storytelling and terrifying as well.

After finally getting back on topic we talked about the biggest part of the game that we have seen so far. Aging and eventually dying. Everyone will die. You will start young, most likely, live life, grow old, and die. Your body will scar along the way, the results of a hard life lived in Elyria. The more you are sent into the astral plane the shorter your overall life will be. If you live a safer life, you will live longer than those who die in the wilds. On the same note, those who go adventure in the wild will have a better chance of finding great riches and artifacts, and they have a better chance of impacting the world wide story. The risk of death comes with great rewards. Many people have been turned off by the concept of permanently losing a character. I think BicycleWalrus put it best when he said, you should think of your character as the soul and not the body. The body is just a vessel for your character to live inside Elyria. Death is important for the progression of not only characters, but the world as well. If you do not die, you would not progress to your full potential.

It was a great chat session. We had a lot of fun, had a great discussion, and got some exclusive content even. Hope to do it again, and hope more of us will join in. Thank you to BicycleWalrus for hosting and bringing this game to the attention of another set of players. With that said. Thank you for stopping by, and hope you enjoy.

Welcome to the Chronicle!

Greetings! The Elyrian Chronicle is here! I will be writing about the new MMORPG in development by Soulbound Studios called Chronicles of Elyria. I will be publishing information that I find interesting and thought provoking. I will also be highlighting the features of the game that make it a unique game in a world filled with traditional ‘cookie cutter’ MMO’s. To many in the established community of loyal followers, Chronicles of Elyria(aka CoE), is the game we have been waiting for. Its a game being developed by gamers who have been in the industry many years. The attitude I get from the developers is that they are making this game because they were sick of not being able to play the kind of game they wanted. CoE is the game they want to play. Many of the features that are going into CoE are not only missing from most MMO’s, but are so different that they have no analog in traditional MMO’s. I will post more about these features very soon. Some important information to have. The developers release a development journal highlighting a feature in the game on Monday mornings. There is also a live Q and A session in their IRC channel, which is on QuakeNet and is #chroniclesofelyria at 1PM Eastern. The IRC channel is also very active with community members and quite often a developer will drop by and answer some questions, or just chat with us about life. Thank you for stopping by, and hope you enjoy.